Our Wedding Officiant Services

Christmas and New Year deal: 50% off certain wedding packages: Custom Wedding package went from $400 to $200; Simple Ceremony Package went from $300 to $150, Pre-written Ceremony with No Officiant needed package went from $200 to $100 and Custom ceremony with no officiant package went from $250 to $125. The 50% discount starts on December 08, 2023, until January 31, 2024.

Custom Wedding Package: $400.00 (50% off)

This is a fully custom ceremony telling your love story. You will have input into the ceremony all along the way. A questionnaire will be included to help me get to know you. The meetings can be held over Zoom, in person, or over the phone. You will have input along the way so it will be customized to fit your wants and needs. The ceremony will include details of your love story woven into it giving it a more personal touch. It may include special rituals such as wine or sand ceremonies as well. I will send you many options to choose from to make the ceremony unique. If you wish to say vows, you can use many of the options. I will attend the rehearsal at the wedding location, and I will be happy to help orchestrate the rehearsal.

Simple Ceremony Package: $300.00 (50% off)

Simple Ceremony that is no more than 15 minutes long. You will have the option of adding in vows, readings if you wish, and other options. You will also have options within the ceremony to make it personal. This ceremony is for small intimate weddings, vow renewals, or commitment ceremonies. No more than 50 people. It is perfect for elopements, vow renewals, and smaller weddings!  Must be paid in full at the time of booking. This package does not include rehearsal but please remember this is a pre-written ceremony.

Add on Rehearsal Coverage to any Package: $125.00

 I will attend the rehearsal at the wedding location and will be happy to help orchestrate the rehearsal with the wedding planner, DJ, and photographer. You will receive a written rehearsal plan that will be shared with any planner or event coordinator before the rehearsal so that all parties are on the same page.

Quick Licensing Signing Package: $150.00

Some couples just want a quick marriage license signing to make it legal. There will not be a ceremony, but questions will be asked of the couple such as intent to make the marriage legal. It is a very quick process.  You may exchange rings if you wish. You must provide a valid marriage license at the time of signing. I would be happy to snap a few photos for you to celebrate the occasion. Limited up to 4 people present. (Package must be pre-paid in full)

Pre-Written Ceremony with No Officiant Needed Package: $200.00 (50% off)

Do you have a family member or friend who can perform your wedding ceremony? They do not know where to start writing a ceremony that has all the components of a legal wedding. I can help! I offer a package where you can purchase a beautiful pre-written ceremony for your family or friend to read at your wedding. I will send you two ceremonies to choose from that will be editable so that they can add their touches to it. I can also include vow examples, readings, or additional rituals if requested. You will be able to write your vows and add any rituals at no extra cost. You will have a beautiful PDF digital keepsake copy to print. (Package must be pre-paid in full)

Custom Ceremony with No Officiant Package: $250.00 (50% off)

Do you wish to have a custom one-of-a-kind wedding ceremony, but you do not need an Officiant? I offer a package that will provide you with a beautiful CUSTOM wedding ceremony with all the components to make it legal. I will send you a questionnaire to help write it. I will then create a beautiful ceremony telling your love story. You will have up to three editing opportunities along the process, so it is a ceremony you love! I will send your personal vow examples should you wish to say them. I will provide readings you may use or additional rituals as well. You will receive an editable version and a PDF Keepsake version of your ceremony. (Package must be pre-paid in full)

If you have any payment issues and want to set up a payment plan. I can split the payments either in 2 payments, 3 payments or 4 payments.